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UCruise, a Leading Sydney Boat Hire Company Converts Missed Calls Into New Sales


A private boat hire company – UCruise Sydney who provide boat hire for small and large groups in Sydney.


Sydney’s high tourism and beautiful harbours makes the boat hire industry a fierce domain with tough competition.
For UCruise each and every call is valuable with a successful booking ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000, this means they need to accurately connect calls to the advertising source, especially their PPC campaigns.
Unfortunately, this company had no visibility into this area.
Given the value of each call the Director also had no idea of how many calls were missed.

The management team had worked with AVANSER in the past to track campaign performance so the choice to come on board was an easy one.
The company would use AVANSER’s call data to track:
1. Which marketing activities were driving calls.
2. Monitor the performance of their AdWords campaigns.
3. Monitor and reduce missed calls.


15% Lift in Conversions
Based on our data from their AdWords campaign, UCruise were able to adjust and optimise their campaigns which resulted in a 15% increase in conversions.
Converting missed calls into sales leads.
“We wanted visibility but didn’t realise how many calls were being missed.” –  Director
After reviewing his calls he noticed that they were missing a surprising number of calls.
By implementing AVANSER’s Missed Call Notification they were able to dramatically cut their missed calls down from 32 per month to just 3!
We could be saving a potential 30k given conversion rates.” –  Director,
They are now able to protect that revenue month-on-month moving forward while improving their lead generation through their PPC campaigns.

Thank you UCruise for the detailed feedback, to find the ideal private boat for your Sydney Harbour Cruise, contact UCruise.


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