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We are the leading call tracking solution with global reach.

AVANSER is well known for our ability to customise any solution to meet a multitude of client needs. We invest significantly in our infrastructure – over and above industry standard, ensuring your service will always be reliable.

This means:
1. Crystal clear calls (no echoing or annoying voice delays).
2. High call capacity: No missed calls due to overload which is a common issue with call tracking.
3. Redundancy measures: If something were to go wrong, we have other backup systems that will automatically take over.
4. Security: Our focus on the utmost security measures means your sensitive information is always protected. This is why enterprise-level businesses trust us with their data.

AVANSER captures the details of every call in real time so you don’t lose any sales opportunities due to busy, unanswered or abandoned calls.

AVANSER also helps you to optimise your advertising spend by providing you with invaluable insights into which advertising more effectively delivers leads.

Busy: a call comes through but the line is busy. Unanswered: a call comes through, connects and then rings out due to no one picking up the call. Abandoned: a call comes through but the caller hangs up before the phone system connects the call.
AVANSER uses Dynamic Numbers which enable online marketers to automatically display unique tracking numbers on a website according to the specific keyword, PPC ad, search engine, referring website or banner ad to track which online traffic sources generate phone leads.
No. We have no lock-in contracts, all we require is a 30 day notice of your cancellation.

Yes. AVANSER’s advanced API enables you to gain greater control over your online marketing efforts by integrating call data directly into your Google Analytics account. AVANSER also integrates into a number of other marketing measurement and analytics tools, including Google Adwords and Google DoubleClick.

See our integrations page to see who we currently integrate with.

Service & Technology

Yes. We have a team at our Sydney headquarters as well as Malaysia.

On the surface all providers look the same but we’ve been at this a long time and have been able to develop the most reliable, secure and forward thinking solution.

We have a specialist customer service team both here and in Malaysia.

We’re always developing new solutions based on our clients needs and so we’re able to help our clients in ways that our competition can not.

We can have the service fully configured and ready to use within 2 to 3 business days.
No. All calls will continue to be directed to your current phone lines and there is no interruption in your telephone service. There is no need to install any additional hardware or software. AVANSER is a fully hosted service.
No. Our solution is entirely in the cloud. For example, we can assign unlimited numbers to a single mobile phone without you needing a new sim card or set up a virtual call centre for your business without the requirement of costly infrastructure.


AVANSER integrates with many different solutions including Analytics, Dashboards, and CRMs. Have a look at our integrations page for a full list of our existing integrations.
If we don’t currently integrate with a solution you’re using, we’d love to hear about it. Contact us and request the integration and we’ll do the work required to get your AVANSER call data where you want it.
For a standard integration (new or existing) we charge a once-off fee of $150.00. Specialised integrations typically require more work and may incur additional costs.
The best source of information is us! Feel free to contact our friendly support team or your account manager who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
By integrating AVANSER with your existing solution, you can benefit from your call data appearing alongside your other data, giving you a complete picture of overall performance. AVANSER integrations allow you to use AVANSER call data to optimise your online campaigns, calculate the success of your pages in your A/B testing experiments and create effective reports, greatly enhancing the capabilities of the solutions you use to manage your business.