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Integrations & API

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Compatible with all tag manager solutions



This api is designed to provide all information available for the calls via an HTTP REST based API. It allows a degree of filtering but what we suggest is for the customer to set up a periodic check providing the lastId cached locally. GO TO API DOCS

User API

The User API is designed to provide a way to perform interactions such as request a call or send an sms as if you were using our portal tools. GO TO API DOCS

Telco API

It is designed for bulk provisioning where the customer can dynamically request a new number, configure its properties, custom references, http callbacks as well as email and sms notifications.

The API exposes a templating system that allows the customer to submit its own SMS and Email template to be used in the reporting, making it the perfect tool for white-labeling. GO TO API DOCS

HTTP Callbacks

Report to your system every time a call is received.

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