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Portal Tip – Call Duration Report

Call duration is a great report for quickly assessing the value of calls into your business. The report allows you to view your calls for a set date range broken down and grouped by call duration, you can then view these duration groups as a % of total calls.


call duration

Let’s have a quick look at how you might use this information.

Let’s say for example you are selling over the phone, and the average conversion time for a sale is 4.5 minutes (using the above extract), that means you can assume that anything over 3 minutes or around 40% of your calls were long enough to have been converted and can be considered as potentially high value calls.

Conversely this highlights that nearly 60% of calls were not long enough to have been converted and may warrant further investigation.

In the above example there is also another great insight for anyone directing calls into a call centre (as is the case with the above example). Calls directed into a call centre are generally automatically answered, so when reviewing your “Missed Calls” you’re probably missing very few calls, if any at all.

call duration blog

However on reviewing the call duration report, you’ll notice that calls less than 30 sec represent 17% of all calls. For a call centre that most likely has a pre-recorded greeting and an IVR (Interactive Voice Recording) there is no way a call less than 30 sec is being dealt with effectively.

So in this case your calls less than 30 sec are effectively your missed calls.

Call duration is one our 13 standard reports and available to all clients so checkout your “call duration” under “call reports” in the portal today.

And if you want more accurate sales conversion data for your calls, check out Call Outcome which gives you the ability to track and report the actual sales value of call.

By Simon Pereira


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