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Key Features of SIP

About SIP

When deciding what phone system is right for your business, it can be tough due to the emergence of new internet-based phone systems to accompany traditional phone systems.


Here is a guide explaining Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and its key functions and benefits to help you decide whether it is the right system for your business.


What is SIP?

SIP is a technology that carries a voice communication session over the internet rather than through traditional cable lines such as ISDN lines. SIP allows you to make calls through any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desk phone etc) perfect for organisations that have remote workers or companies where staff use their own devices.


Benefits of using SIP:

It eliminates the need for an answerpoint – With SIP your AVANSER line can become the answerpoint saving you time and money.

Speeds up connection times – AVANSER can pass calls to SIP extensions very rapidly. Every second counts when alleviating abandoned calls, SIP let’s you minimise the time your clients spend waiting.

Limits the amount of tracking numbers needed – A single tracking number can have as many extensions as needed.


What do I need to use SIP?

As with all solutions, there are a few things that need to be considered for SIP to be used effectively.  The big one is your internet connection. These are internet calls and the quality of your call will depend on the quality of your internet connection. Most companies utilising SIP dedicate bandwidth for their calls to ensure a quality connection. Secondly your organisation will need a device capable of handling a SIP call.


SIP works with you! Choose the device that works with your organisation:

• Work from your PC – Simply install SIP handling software. Combine this with a headset and mic to make calls directly from your PC.

• Work from your  mobile – Download an APP – Most smartphones have built in SIP functionality, and there are many apps that allow you to handle SIP calls directly on your mobile or tablet.

• Work from your desk phone – Purchase a SIP-capable handset.

• Works with your existing PBX – No need to change your existing PBX phone system, most will convert to SIP.




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