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Industry Focus: How ARTIC helped a nationwide company

Industry Focus: How ARTIC helped a nationwide company

Our client in focus is a nationwide company that has branches, offices and storage facilities throughout Australia and worldwide.


Key problem the organisation faced?

With multiple franchises, offices in each state and an offshore call centre, the client initially engaged AVANSER to set up a  simple call tracking solution to gain a better insight into what leads were being generated for each of their offices. With the call tracking in place they  uncovered that their international call centre wasn’t converting the leads that was coming in. This concern sparked their interest to find out more about ARTIC as a solution to address this gap. They realised soon after that ARTIC was able to them the ability to bring the sales in-house, at the same time access to the other AVANSER features.

Once they decided to proceed with ARTIC, AVANSER worked with business to implement Time Based Routing and an IVR to categorise the types of calls and route them to the appropriate office or to their call center. The call centre began running on AVANSER SIP credentials which allowed the staff in Australia to experience real time call analytics from the centre for the first time, previously they were reliant upon a monthly report cycle and long lead times for any additional data requested.Using this data the client was able to determine that the current setup was not the most efficient or effective for them to convert warm leads into sales.


How did they overcome this issue?

This lead to a full revamp of their lead handling process. The offshore call centre was scrapped resulting in a huge cost saving. Then by utilizing AVANSER’s exchange based routing and time based rules local warm leads were able to be put into the hands of the sales people in less time resulting in higher conversion rates for the client.


The client was able to determine that a dedicated sales team was the best method for them to convert leads to sales nationally. As the team was spread all across the country they were faced with the challenge of getting the lead to the best sales person while it was still hot and retaining the visibility into which marketing was performing as well as how letting individual staff know that leads were allocated fairly and consistently and for managers to gauge progress remotely.


ARTIC provided a solution

Utilizing a unique blend of AVANSER technology and expertise the client was able to customize a national solution to address their challenges.

Firstly categorization of the inbound calls was key, a simple IVR was able to filter out customer service from new business, that new business was then categorized into 3 tiers, with 2 tiers routing directly to an expert and to the national sales team.


The national sales team adapted to ARTIC platform easily because of the flexibility of ARTIC. The ARTIC solution enabled the national sales team to retain their existing phone numbers with traffic routing directly to them based on time and location. ARTIC queuing allowed to make sure calls were never lost as they had full visibility into who was available to take a call as well as an allocated overflow agent. This resulted in a dramatic reduction in missed calls and increased in sales as they were able to speak to the lead while it was hot.


From this AVANSER was able to implement outbound tracking which had previously been a blind spot for the interstate managers. This enabled them insights to gauge productivity and  input into coaching. The outbound calls were also able to be sent by all team members from the call out number. This eliminated the common problem of customers failing to respond to a call back due to not knowing the calling number.


The business also found an increase in efficiency as they were able to take people in and out of the queues and mange call handling:


  • Exchange and time based routing rules allow us to prioritise agents based on location and timezone
  • IVR allowed us to categorise and route the traffic, sales staff were no longer losing time on customer service issues
  • ARTIC works directly with SIP. This enables the team to work directly from their mobile and laptop whilst maintaining consistent business phone numbers
  • Remote working sales staff activity and progress was visible to interstate management
  • Automatic reports and alerts allowed staff to identify any issues before they become a problem
  • Inbound and outbound call recording allowed for a higher level of staff training and customer service as well as eliminating call backs due to incorrect or lost notes


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*The article above is based on actual scenario of one of our clients. The details of the company and the industry have been changed or suppressed for privacy reasons.


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