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How Call Tracking can Benefit Marketers

Manage your MarketingYour business is only as good as your marketing efforts. You may have the most innovative product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, it will never sell.

Your marketing efforts should be based on getting the best returns for the least money. Whether you are marketing for leads, sales or to build a relationship, your marketing avenues need to be efficient.

Tracking your marketing is one of the key aspects of running targeted campaigns that work. Being armed with the knowledge about which of your various advertising arms are bringing in the most leads will allow you to streamline your marketing plan.

Tracking your online traffic is easily measured with analytics platforms, telling you exactly where that click came from and how they converted online. However, if a potential customer decides to call instead of clicking, how exactly do you track that?

Call Tracking

This innovative solution assigns a unique number to all your marketing campaigns and tracks where each call comes from. Detailed reports include information such as the source, the call volume, call trends, duration of calls, where the calls are made from, and the cost. As a marketer you can then use this information to create cost-effective strategies.

Call Results

Knowing where your lead comes from is one part of the marketing equation. On top of this, wouldn’t it be great to be able to track the outcome of each call as well? With Call Outcome, anything is possible!

Call Outcome
With AVANSER’s call outcome, you can input details about every single call your staff make, such as outcome, product, appointments and more. From this, it is easy to track the outcome of your marketing – how many sales made over the phone from which campaign. This gives you detailed insights into which campaign is working well, allowing you to track back to your specific keywords.

Managing your Marketing

Optimising your return on investment has to be the number one priority of all marketers. With Marketing Management from AVANSER, this task becomes straightforward and simple.

When you sign up to one of our fully hosted solutions, you’ll be able to access your real time marketing intelligence at any time, from anywhere. With the analytics and reports in place, you can easily see which of your marketing channels is performing well, whether offline or online. You can then change your budgets accordingly, to maximise those channels that are out-performing the others.

All stakeholders have access to accurate reporting, ensuring all activities are transparent and clear. You can also use these reports to distribute leads generated on a national to local level, which will aid your marketing efforts on the front line where it matters.

If you have not signed up to call tracking yet, then you are missing out on a major marketing trick. Why not speak to us today to book a free demonstration?

By James O’Neill


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