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[CASE STUDY] Bank of Queensland increases call volume by 564% with help from AVANSER’s call intelligence technology

Finance and banking are incredibly competitive markets. Any establishment going head-to-head with the big players need to make ensure they understand exactly how buyers prefer to interact with their sales and marketing processes. This prompted Resolution Media to seek out the expertise of AVANSER to help their client, the Bank of Queensland achieve that goal.

Customers today rely on both online as well as offline mediums to shop before making a commitment. Usually, the more complex or high-priced the item the more time is spent in each channel. Almost invariably, an offline event such as making a phone call or visiting a branch is a sure indication of a positive conversion.

Resolution Media noted the exact purchasing behavior with the Bank of Queensland prospects, starting their journey online and then calling in to speak with a representative just before making a commitment.

Taking on a large purchase like a home loan through a purely online application process would be perceived as high-risk to a would-be buyer.

The solution was to offer some assistance to the online visitor through a bank representative during the application process to give it a more personal feel. All they had to do now was understand when to introduce that representative.

Using AVANSER’s call intelligence and tracking data, Resolution Media were able to pinpoint the moment at which the buyer was ready to speak to a representative so that they could complete the application.
The results were impressive.


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