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AVANSER Case Study: Rent The Roo


 width=Alan Carroll, Group General Manager at Rent The Roo, one of the industry leaders in the home appliance and furniture rental sector.

“Our core business is our customers.”
– Alan Carroll, Group General Manager.




Our client has enjoyed continued success over the past 40 years; they’ve doubled in size over the last 3-4 years along with extending their branch portfolio to 65 nationwide with further expansion plans in place domestically and internationally.

A key figure in helping Rent The Roo sail through its recent growth cycles was Alan Carroll.  When you’re experiencing rapid growth, setting up the right infrastructure is critical so things don’t fall apart, and that also meant ensuring the lifeblood of the business was under control, that is, managing inbound calls.

With a high monthly call volume combined with 65 branches demanding their fair share of business, it could easily become a headache in terms of tracking calls and ensuring an even distribution of leads.

Missed calls were also plaguing the company, with around 1,000 to 2,000 missed calls per month.

“We’re in a competitive market; if no one answers the phone we’ve lost the lead.”
– Alan Carroll, Group General Manager.



Rent The Roo implements AVANSER’s lead distribution technology: Post Code Prompting.

Instead of having 65 branches with 65 different numbers, Rent The Roo decided to use their single 13 number that every call came in through – a single doorway.

AVANSER Post Code Prompting was the perfect solution for this single-number approach.

AVANSER Post Code Prompting is an automated tool that directs a customer to a specific location based on their current post code. For example, whenever a person calls Rent The Roo’s 137 number they’re asked to enter their post code and are then automatically connected to the nearest Rent The Roo branch.

Post Code Prompting means Rent The Roo can:

  1. Maintain control of the customer pipeline.
  2. Distribute leads evenly to franchisees.
  3. Make the process simple and easy for their customers.

And with the help of AVANSER’s missed call notification data and Office HQ Alan has been able to substantially reduce the number of missed calls.

“Their reporting and dashboard facilities allow us to accurately measure and track our call volumes and distribution.”
– Alan Carroll, Group General Manager.



  • Rent The Roo have been able to reduce their missed calls by 20% year on year.
  • By using AVANSER’s Post Code Prompting technology, Alan is able to easily control the entire customer pipeline through a single 13 number.

“Managing our call pipeline through AVANSER gives us peace of mind in knowing that our leads are being managed effectively and efficiently.”
– Alan Carroll, Group General Manager.


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