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ARTIC: The new breed of Call Centre

AVANSER’s Real Time Intelligent Call Centre or simply ARTIC, is a cloud based call centre solution providing unprecedented analytics & insight to better manage business calls and maximize invested resource.

With more businesses now looking to promote flexibility and increase productivity through the use of technology, cloud based solutions are increasing in popularity. The rise of communications APIs for contact centers are constantly evolving that building a cloud-based contact center with APIs is easier and faster than ever. Traditional Call Centres have become rigid, and often requires high cost to set up and manage. If your business has not upgraded from the legacy call center technology, you are likely feeling the pain of your system’s limitations. The constraints of a traditional call center system can make it difficult to keep up with evolving customer expectations.

Businesses today need to be fast moving, flexible and responsive in order to stay ahead of the competition and enhance customer experiences. For this reason cloud based call centres are gaining popularity as they are agile, scalable and allow organisations to deliver faster, more effective customer service. On top of that, by moving over to a cloud based call centre there is no massive investment on hardware required, which makes it highly flexible and scalable to your business needs.

Advantages of moving over to ARTIC from a traditional call centre includes:

  1. No high risk investment – In contrast to traditional call centre systems where you need to invest a small fortune on software, hardware, setup and licensing fees, with ARTIC you can simply use your existing equipment and scale as your business grows.

  2. Accurate, timely, real time data  – ARTIC’s real-time dashboard allows call centre supervisors or managers to easily track and control queue status and agent activity.

  3. Scalability – ARTIC can scale to meet the requirements of the client. Start with a small agent group and scale upwards. Multiple call centres or agent groups.

  4. NO Specialist or inhouse training required – Traditional call centre solutions often require an outside specialist or require internal resources. ARTIC has no complex systems to learn. If there are any issues, the client calls AVANSER support.

  5. Multiple call centres – You can have multiple call centres to handle various product lines.

  6. Standalone or Integrated – ARTIC can integrate into a client’s existing phone system or can be used as a standalone solution.

What’s more, as part of the AVANSER platform ARTIC comes fully loaded with Call Tracking capabilities. Call Tracking allows you to understand not just how your call was managed through ARTIC but what marketing drove them to call your business in the first place.  ARTIC can also easily integrate your data to where it will have the most impact.

Want to know more about ARTIC? Take a look at our product page

AVANSER moves beyond basic call tracking and offers a complete call intelligence solution to help deliver marketing agencies powerful data to optimise marketing campaigns and improve sales leads and conversions.  

To find out more about our cloud based call centres or any other products Call 1300 106 513 to discuss your call tracking options.

Accurate Marketing Data is calling, ready to answer?