AVANSER Salesforce Integration

AVANSER’s online integration allows call data to be reported into Salesforce so that call records can be used to create entries for current or potential customers. The call details are entered as Tasks within Salesforce which are then linked to existing leads. The advantages of this is it not only reduces the manual task of creating new entries for each call within Salesforce, but also includes valuable extra data recorded by AVANSER that is then inserted into the customer entry depending on pre-defined fields.


How does the integration work?

When a customer makes a call to an AVANSER tracking number, AVANSER captures the details of the call. These details are then automatically sent to Salesforce where a new call record is created as a Task. The call data is entered into a set of custom fields; what these fields are depends on the data being gathered. The AVANSER system then checks the calling number against the lead database within Salesforce and links the task to any existing leads from that calling number. A custom report can then be generated to view the Tasks and manually assign them for follow-up.


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