AVANSER Microsoft Ads Integration

Have you struggled to measure the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns? Would you like to see exactly how many calls you receive from your PPC ads?


AVANSER’s brand new integration with Microsoft Ads allows businesses to measure the performance of their Bing Search campaigns better than ever before. Any phone call made to an AVANSER tracking number that resulted from a Bing Paid Search will be reported as a conversion attributed to the specific ad that generated that click, providing great insight into which campaigns are generating ROI.


How does the integration work?

AVANSER provides a piece of tracking code to implement on the website. When a visitor visits the tracked website by clicking on a paid ad, AVANSER reads the visitor’s Microsoft cookie and uses the data to display a unique tracking number. If the visitor calls the displayed tracking number, AVANSER attributes the call to the specific PPC campaign and ad from which the visit originated and automatically pushes that data to Microsoft Ads. The call is then entered into Ads as a conversion against the conversion goal and ad itself.


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