Call Conversion

Convert More Calls Into Sales


Pin-point the advertising channel, search engine, keyword and location your calls originate from and capture the recorded conversation every time you receive an inbound sales call. Use Click-To-Connect to encourage potential customers to call, Call Recording to listen in to how the call was handled and Call Outcome to determine the ROI of that call, and more. With AVANSER’s Call Conversion tools you can track the customer journey from initial enquiry to end conversion.

Engage Customers When They’re Ready To Buy

Make it easy for potential customers to contact you with Click-To-Connect.



Give your website visitors the ability to make a free and immediate phone call to you. Click to Connect is a proven tool that removes friction in the process of the visitor contacting you. This allows you to immediately connect with your potential customer at their most likely time of conversion.


Missed Call Notification

Never miss a potential sales call again with AVANSER’s Missed Call Notifications.  Any unanswered calls along with the details of that call can be sent directly to you and or multiple members of staff instantly by email or SMS.  The details are also logged in real time within the portal. This provides you with an opportunity to take immediate action before the sales lead goes cold to return any missed calls.


Call Whisper

The AVANSER Call Whisper is an automated announcement that identifies, to the receiving party, the adsource which generated the call i.e. “Lead from Google Adwords”.
This is an ideal solution for franchisors, resellers or directories to constantly reinforce the leads they are generating i.e. “another lead from SNAP Printing”.
The AVANSER Call Whisper is also great for businesses with multiple brands/products, to identify the intended destination or to prompt any predetermined call handling criteria i.e. “call for Home Loans” vs “call for Credit Cards”.



Optimise Sales Performance

Take control of your business, improve your lead conversion, customer retention and protect yourself against misrepresentation with AVANSER’s call recording.


Call Recording

Call Recording is a great tool for almost every business and with AVANSER’s cloud based solution it’s easy too. With no hardware or software to install you access the recordings for every call with a click of a button. Your call data tells you what is going on with your calls, and your call recording will give you the “why”.

Combining call data and call recording gives you a complete picture surrounding your sales or customer service process.

If you don’t have time to listen to your calls, Call Evaluation can help.


Call Evaluation

A powerful sales intelligence tool designed to deliver an overall view of any company-wide sales process:

Opt to use your own team to evaluate your calls, or use AVANSER’s technology to do the listening for you.

Call Evaluation Plus!

AVANSER listens to your calls for you.

A fantastic Add on to  Call Evaluation. Call Evaluation Plus evaluate the calls for you. The client simply provides us with the key objectives and what information they want to obtain from the call, AVANSER translate this into meaningful data and provide this to the client.

The beauty of this product is that it removes the labour costs involved to evaluate each call – saving the client a significant amount of time and resources.


Discover The Result Of Each Call

Learn the outcome of each sales inquiry for your business to improve your overall lead generation and call strategy.


Call Outcome

Call Outcome is a unique feature which allows companies to use their phone system to enter the outcome of the call as well as the exact dollar amount the sale resulted in.

Get feedback from every call based on your goals:

This information can help you learn the:

Call outcome is a customisable product and virtually any information that your team requires to track each call can be programmed into AVANSER Call Outcome.


Inbound Lead Notification 

Track leads the way you want with our solution: Inbound Lead Notification

ILN is a highly flexible lead tracking tool that sends you an email notification every time your team answers a call from a potential customer. Not only that, but it also attaches a recording of the conversation so you can listen to calls on your mobile without logging into the portal.

ILN has many different options that allow you to track calls based on multiple parameters.

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I had received a missed phone call notification from the previous evening when we were closed. The client enquiry was generated from our internet site with the aid of Click to Call. Five days later the client smiling as she had become another happy Honda owner. The deciding factor for the client was the original contact via Click to Call, as she would have purchased a car elsewhere because we were not her closest dealer.


Honda Sales Manager