Call Analytics

Advanced Data & Reporting Dashboard.

Get accurate, real-time data allowing you to make clear, confident decisions about how to improve your marketing and sales channels. AVANSER Call Analytics allows you to easily piece together everything from your marketing to sales and even your call routing.

Advanced Reporting In One Place

Smart decisions are guided by smart data and AVANSER’s analytics dashboard delivers precision data to help guide effective sales and marketing decisions.


See Which Marketing Drives Calls

Inside the AVANSER analytics dashboard you can see the ad source of each call that comes through allowing you to adjust your marketing strategy to deliver more inbound calls.


Find Buyer Keywords

Which of your PPC ads are currently getting your phone to ring? Not all keywords deliver the same quality traffic and leads.

Inside AVANSER’s dashboard, you’ll see which keywords are responsible for delivering inbound sales calls allowing you to channel your ad spend into only the campaigns that return a tangible outcome.


Track Call Performance & ROI

How does your team currently handle inbound calls and leads?

AVANSER’s dashboard allows you to track sales calls to reduce poor call performance, uncover areas of training and model successful calls.

With AVANSER’s data at your disposal, you will be able to easily measure and improve your calls in a way that was previously impossible.

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"With AVANSER we finally have a product that accurately measures the effectiveness of our media spend in real time. We can immediately gauge the response rates and react accordingly saving both time and money. AVANSER allows us to make informed decisions that can not be questioned by any stakeholder."


General Manager