Virtual Mobile Numbers don’t require a handset or SIM card.  Don’t give out you personal mobile number, stop providing business phones to staff, keep control of sales conversations!

What is a VMN?  

When it comes to call tracking, you are not restricted to just landlines as VMNs can be used by your agents to make and receive calls and send SMS messages while they are out in the field.  With the added benefit of not being tied to a SIM Card and work handset, the number can be freely re-assigned to a new staff member when needed. All VMNs come with AVANSER’s call tracking and can be used with advanced call routing features. All information from VMNs is also accessible in the AVANSER Mobile APP.



Control your sales pipeline

Your sales pipeline is critical because it provides a steady flow of new revenue that keeps your business accelerating forward, so one of your primary concerns is to reduce any chance of damaging that pipeline.

A typical area where this ‘pipeline damage’ occurs is when a member of your sales team goes away on holiday or leaves your company often resulting in that sales pipeline going cold. This is a common frustration with sales managers and business owners as the lead that has been hard to generate has now been lost.

With a VMN you can quickly change the answer point so any sales leads that were going to that sales rep can now be quickly redirected to someone else on your sales team so that those leads can continue to be nurtured and converted into sales.



Visibility within the sales team

Another key area is having complete visibility between your sales team and their prospects and clients. For example, with a VMN and the AVANSER Mobile APP, you can see any SMS conversation that has taken place between your team and their leads and clients. The obvious benefit here is having a moving picture of what has been discussed should you need to hand that lead or client off to another team member.



Helps increase privacy

Security is a growing concern in today’s digital world. With VMNs a team member doesn’t need to publicise their own number; you can use almost unlimited VMNs so your team’s personal numbers remain personal.

A great feature for real estate agents, car dealers, gyms or any industries that tend to have their team use personal mobiles to conduct business.



All the information is accessible in the Mobile APP

The AVANSER Mobile APP gives you accessible information so your business can view the information on the Virtual Mobile Number anytime, anywhere.

By using the Mobile App you can keep a record of all SMS messages that are coming through to the VMN, enabling you to keep an audit trail of SMS messages. It also allows you to transfer calls across staff members and provides multi-level user access.



Virtual Mobile Numbers gives you access to important analytics

AVANSER VMNs come bundled with our powerful analytics suite so you can track where your best leads are coming from, how your team are handling those leads, recover lost calls and improve the overall effectiveness of your inbound sales funnel.



Interested in getting started with AVANSER’s Virtual Mobile Numbers? Get in touch with the sales team today to run through your options.