API Suite

Connect with AVANSER through our APIs to control your data.

Connect with AVANSER through our APIs to control your data.


For those who want to take complete control of their call tracking, or even become a call tracker themselves, AVANSER has a comprehensive API suite to suit a wide range of requirements. Upon connecting to the AVANSER system, the following APIs can be used to retrieve data, create new services and initiate communications from within a 3rd party platform, all without the involvement of the AVANSER team. AVANSER welcomes savvy businesses who wish to use these robust APIs to improve their business processes and extend their product offering.

Comms API

This API allows you to automate your communication tasks. Initiate phone calls as well as send or receive SMS from any system or on any device.


Provisioning API

Get the full power of AVANSER at your fingertips. Create and manage accounts, users, and services. This API allows you to fully automate all of your call tracking needs.


Reporting API

Use your data your way. Call for your AVANSER data at any time, and implement it into any system you need.


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